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Astral Academy is a creative new-age learning platform where children aged between 6-14 can learn from a wide range of lessons such as Art & Crafts, Public Speaking, Personality development, Creative writing, etc. . Learning new things and making progress with real effort helps children improve their self-esteem. Provide a platform for your

children to perform both.

Our sessions are led live by experienced instructors with a strong emphasis on fun and commitment to help children feel comfortable and practice with courage and discipline while developing individuality around their expression. unique interests.

We firmly believe in the multidimensionality of humans that each of us is born with immense potential and inherent abilities. However, the rigors of a competitive world often lead to the potential of many brilliant minds not being tapped as students often do not have the opportunity to discover their passions.

Our mission at Astral Academy is to help children realize their potential and discover what brings them joy. We strive to create a fun-based learning experience because we believe that learning through fun is the best way to help children on the path to self-discovery.

Reach us if you don’t want to be left behind in this Virtual race

Our Collaboration 

We have collaborated with Languify which is powered by the alumni of IIT Bombay now speaking about the Languify ;

Languify is a Google Chrome plugin that uses artificial intelligence to help you improve your English. 

  • During your conversations, messages, and video chats, it sends you real feedback in the form of nudges. 
  • It pinpoints your areas of weakness and gives you personalized learning strategies, games, and advice.

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Y S Krishnavardhan Reddy Parne


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Team Behind Astral Academy

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Phani Bhushan Bhuma

Growth and Marketing Head

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